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The first run of the Manta M8P v2.0


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Hello. 😆


Once I got to grips with getting to know and running CB1 on my controller, it was time to tame it as well.

Again, there were a lot of questions and doubts. I am a new user after all. 😇
The more problems Mainsail reported on my CB1 with eMMC, the more questions I had.

Now, someone might ask what is this `Mainsail`❔
I explain that it is nothing more than a web panel to manage the printer and the environment. We access it through a web server called Moonraker.

However, it should be noted that even in this step, the most important thing is to prepare the firmware for the MCU (STM32H723) of the controller board. Everything else will happen almost automatically. To perform these operations well, you need to have a minimum of knowledge on the subject.

However, I will present some key facts first:

  • The administration software needs to know your controller board configuration file.


  • In order for the administration program to be able to communicate with the controller board, you need to define the correct port. 2This setting must be made in the printer's configuration file.


  • You will learn the device ID to enter in the configuration by typing the command in the console:
$ ls /dev/serial/by-id/

On this stage will be helpful manual and my comments are only a supplement to it.

Browsing the Internet resources, I found out that some controller board models had a bug that prevented direct firmware upload without using a microSD card. The consequence was the destruction of the controller board. 🫣
Therefore, I used a microSD card to perform the flashing procedure. 😉


Greetings to all users who will want to try these developments. 😉

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