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Biqu H2 500C now stops extruding mid-print - previosuly worked fine

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I have a Biqu H2 500c extruder that has worked perfectly for a couple of months.

Now all of a sudden every print I try starts off fine but several minutes into the print the extruder stops extruding correctly, almost like it is blocked.

However, when i try to manually extrude it extrudes okay but sometimes i feel a "slip" on the grip.

I have already dissasemblerd the H2 unit and checked the teeth on the grear and I think they look okay. I even slighly extended the spring to apply more force to the filament just in case. Same result. I literally do not understand what is going on.

Each new print starts and prints fine, then correct extrusion stops a number of minutes into the print.


Can anyone help? My Ender 6 is now completely useless right now




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