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B1 issue - repeated stopping mid print - advice or resolution?


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Hi all,


I'm new to the Bigtree-tech community for 3D printing although I have used the TMC chips for self built camera control systems hence bought a Biqu B1 as my first 3D printer. Am now wondering if this might have been a mistake as after a few successful prints I am now finding every print fails at around 15%. The printer simply freezes with no error code or notification of a problem. PAUSE or STOP on the touch screen do not have any effect so switching off the mains power is the only option. Upon restart the print can be resumed but the freeze reoccurs after another 15% to 20% progress (and the alignment is not good enough to produce a useable print).

I have read a few 'reddits' regarding this issue which suggest an SD card problem so have tested with different cards in the TF & U Disc slot with the same failure resulting. 

Hopefully someone on the forum or from BigTree Tech support can offer advice and a solution.

many thanks in advance



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Please check

Printing stops suddenly in the middle of printing. Can you still tap the screen?

If you can tap the screen, it means that the quality of the SD card is not very good, and there is a problem of poor contact during the printing process, which makes it impossible to access the SD card. You can try another SD card.

If you can't click the screen, it means that the communication between the display screen and the motherboard is disconnected, try to update the firmware. If the firmware is updated and this problem still occurs randomly, it may be that the display or the motherboard has some defects, which can be tested by exchanging a display or motherboard.

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First of all, SKR 1.4TURBO, the chip is not STM32, it is LPC 1769, so the serial port number of the USB here is wrong, so the klipper cannot be connected,
Please update and install the klipper.bin firmware again, and then check the correct USB serial port number.

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