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Hurakan Hot End


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So my hot end on my Hukrakan got clogged and I took it all apart to clean it, interestingly enough I found there is an actual short length of PTFE tube in the heat break tube (it had melted causing the clog) which is fine, I assumed it was all metal as it has the appearance of a phaetus dragonfly hot end but obviously not.

When reinstalling the heat break I snapped it off inside of the heater block. I now have a broken hot end - through my own fault. I have reached out to Biqu asking for a link to a complete replacement hot end which is the same as the original but have had no reply - I wish to purchase a few in case but I cannot find it on their site it’s only the upgraded ends.


Can anyone point me towards a new hot end for the Hurakan? Or even a new style which I can fit the probe to?


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Hello, you can combine these two websites for reference.

Here is the link:https://biqu.equipment/products/biqu-hurakan-original-accessories?_pos=1&_sid=d548d74eb&_ss=r


If not, you can also solve the problem through the after-sales service email, here is the Email:service004@biqu3d.com

Have a nice day!

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