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BTT SKR2 Rev. A and Klipper


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Good morning @all... I will swap from Octopi & marlin 2.0 to mainsailos & klipper... Now my question. I have a BTT SKR2 Rev. A with TMC2209 sensorless homing , fixed the known issue with the Rev. A Board with jumper wires and disable by uncommenting  #define DISABLE_DRIVER_SAFE_POWER_PROTECTION.......... What i have to do to safely run the Rev. A Board and TMC 2209 with sensorless homing and Klipper .... I fixed the Board to Use it with Marlin like BTT wrote last year and with Marlin it works just fine for all the time since it is instslled 

Option 1:

Use 1 or 2 Dupont jumper wires (two jumper wires are recommended since they will be able to carry higher currents but 1 is the minimum) to connect MGND (shown in red below) on the driver with PGND (shown in blue below) on the POWER. Alternately, you can connect connect MGND and GND (shown in green below). Again, note: The driver anti-reverse function must be disabled in the firmware!!!


Best regards 

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