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Octopus PRO 1.0 supported operating systems "Raspberry Pi"?

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In the description page of motherboard Octopus PRO 1.0 I read it supports firmware like Marlin, Klipper, etc.. but also operating systems Raspberry PI or Octoprint.

What does it mean?


I understood I can install a firmware and it will control the printer, motors, etc... applying a display I'm expecting the printer is done, it could work without any other hardware.

Really I can install Raspberry Pi (Raspbian?!) or Octoprint in the motherboard directly? In this case, how to control motors, do I need a special software based on linux..

This note about operating system is confusing me..

Thanks a lot to everyone can explain me better.


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Hey, I guess they mean that you can control the board with external hardware using these operating systems. So for example you can control your Octopus Pro board running Marlin/Klipper/etc. with a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS/OctoPrint.

But to be clear OctoPrint isn't even a operating system and more just a normal software running on a operating system like Raspberry Pi OS. BIQU/BTT isn't very clear here with these terms.

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Thanks a lot, yes, I agree, I know Octoprint and Rasberry, I used both, Octoprint to control remotely my original Ender 5 Plus and Raspberry in different projects, so I perfectly understood your point of view that is what I also interpreted.. 😄 but my thought was also that in this way why not Windows 11, it's enough a serial connection and you are able to control the firmware.. 😆

Ok, thanks for confirm my thought, it was helpful for me.

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