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SKR MINI E3 V3: Firmware flash failure


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I received a SKR MINI E3 V3 in the mail the other day and went to flash the firmware to include bltouch but now the board will only blink with a single red light. 

I assume I messed up the flash somehow. 

The firmware.bin file was renamed firmware.cur after I checked the card on my computer. 

Is there anyway to restore the board back to default or to reflash it? I have tried a few times and nothing. 

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Hello Big Tree Tech, my skr mini e3 v3 board has not flashed any of the pre compiled firmware options, or other marlin firmware, or the big tree tech marlin firmware, I used the guidelines for naming them "firmware.bin" I have also formatted the SD card and followed the same steps over, I have tried other names besides "firmware.bin" and the Ender 3 that I am using does not show the described "black screen for 10 seconds" that reveals it is accepted the new firmware.  The board has always blinked a red LED at the top of the board to the left of the Big Tree Tech Logo (ever since i bought is). It's my curiosity if my board does not accept firmware flashes due to a manufacture error. I can't seem to do any changes to the board other than the print files that can be recognized on the SD card. Please can someone reach out and help me or send me a new board. I would love to take advantage of the features of your new boards if possible. 

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I’ve got the same issue.  Installed the mini E3 v3 maybe 6-7 months ago. Installed a cr touch did firmware update and hasn’t worked. The same as Poseyian1 did, I did also.  My status light never goes off. I tried to flash ORIGINAL firmware after I disconnected the cl touch and reinstalled the Z stop switch. When I turn printer on it tells me auto bed leveling failed. Even though it not hooked up. No matter what firmware I try to install, it fails.  Very frustrating right now. 

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