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BIQU B1 床(Y 轴)不会“回家”

Theresa Retz

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I am super new to all of this and I can't figure out why my printer has stopped working.

I was trying to print and it was going good at first, then it suddenly jumped over about an inch and started printing everything in the wrong spot.  I canceled the print, cleared off everything, changed the filament (since I didn't have enough for what I wanted to do anyway), and tried to restart it but I kept getting an error.  I've narrowed it down to the bed not wanting to go all the way back.  I have nothing close to it so it's not blocked by anything.  There's no debris anywhere that might be affecting it. 
If I try to use the "home" function it will move back, but slows down the closer it gets to the back and stops about half an inch from switch and gives me a "kill ( ) called" error.  It doesn't matter where the plate starts from, it always stops just shy of the switch and throws the error.  If the plate is fully back it simply won't move and still throw the same error.  I have no idea how to get it to "home" properly so I can get back to printing and I'm going crazy trying to figure it out.  I literally just bought this thing and it's already acting up!

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Update:  After many attempts I have gotten it to home, but when printing it will shift back and forth pretty horribly.  I can't print with it at all.
Pics are of the failed prints on the bed, and a failed print pulled off the bed.  These were printed when no one was in the room at all.



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