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Hurakan Enclosure


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I am waiting on my Hurakan and excited. However I need to get an enclosure for it I was wondering what the amount of space I will need is? I know the site says 480x470x482mm but does that include when the bed is moving. Would a 500x500x500mm enclosure do it? Would an Ikea Lack work? I don't want wires the feed or the print bed to be slamming in to walls.

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I don't own a Hurakan, but I saw on some videos that the heat bed connector will exceed the frame in the back of the printer during homeing the axis and printing at the front edge. Therefore it could be quite possible that the Hurakan won't fit in a 500*mm³ enclosure since there are only 30mm left on the y axis. At least the wires would be squeezed.

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