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Hookup up a 24v psu and smoked the board!


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I need help. What PSU power and amperage ratings are you guys using. I was using a 12 volt 320 w PSU. And it was shutting off every time I would preheat the hot end. Someone said in a forum that it may be running out of power. So I bought a 24 volt 600 w PSU when I hooked it up one of the chips on the board smoked. I'm at a complete loss really don't know what went wrong. I know that I'm going to have to replace the board but I'm afraid replacing the board and hooking it up the way I have it now will just smoke it too. To any recommendations as to what PSUs you guys are using would be helpful 

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First we need to know what board you used, so we can look up what voltages it can handle. If you used a board that can only handle 12V then it is very obvious that the magic smoke showed up after you hooked up a 24V PSU.

If your board should theoretically handle 24V then the issue seems to be somewhere else.

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