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Extruder clicking


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Hi all i have just installed the H2 V2S revo onto my ender 3, with the btt skr mini e3 v3 board and btt tft 35 dual touch screen,

when i try and extrude filament its making a clicking noise and the big silver wheel seems to be jumping. I set the Esteps to 932 as recommended by the manual but have no idea where to start with solving this.


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First, I would suggest that you check the E-Steps value for correctness and see if your extruder is extruding the correct amount of filament.

Next, you can check that the filament path is completely clean and that the filament can theoretically run smoothly through your extruder.

Another item to check is the temperature of your hotend. Is it even hot enough to extrude, or is it perhaps too hot, causing heat creep? You should also check to see if your hotend is actually as hot as you set it in your software, so you can determine if your hardware is working properly.

I hope I was able to give you some tips to solve your problem and that they actually helped you.

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