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Trying to build new firmware for BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V2.0 Control Board, with TFT35 E3 V3.0 Graphic Smart Display Controller


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Hi, I'm trying to build a new version of the Marlin firmware for my Ender 5. 

I grabbed the latest Marlin tarball build, the _Bootscreen.h  Configuration_adv.h  Configuration.h and _Statusscreen.h from here and dropped them into the Marlin-2.0.x/Marlin directory.  I installed Visual Studio, and platormio and Auto build Marlin for the Linux platform.  I followed the instructions for building Marlin and I got a screen too many choices for firmware and they all build. There are 8 Environments offered and they all build, which is the correct one?

Firmware: Marlin

Config by:(KuranKaname, Ender-5 Pro)

Machine Name: Ender-5 Pro

Extruders: 1

Board: BTT SKR MINI E3 V2 0

Pins: stm32f1/pins_BTT_SKR_MINI_E3_V2_0.h

Architectures: STM32F1

Environments: STM32F103RC_btt








I'm guessing that one of the STM32F103RC versions builds the correct firmware but I have no idea which is correct and I don't want to brick my board.

Thanks for assistance.



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