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SKR mini E3 V3.0 max FAN port power?


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I installed a SKR mini E3 V3.0 +TFT35 E3 in my printer (Ender-2) and it works great! 😀

 How much current can the fan ports handle at 12v?
I use a 12v power supply.

Will the following take too much power?
FAN0: 5015 radial fan 12v 0.17 A
FAN1: 50x50x15 axial fan 12v 0.15A + 7525 radial fan 12v 0.25A (total 12v 0.40A)
FAN2: 50x50x15 axial fan 12v 0.15 A

(It´s the FAN1 port that I’m worried about)

The control board cabinet is well ventilated. Typical room temperature ~22C.
I use Marlin-2.1.1
I have a 40W hotend and 110W heated bed.


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