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BIQU H2 V2S wiring


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I have the btt skr mini e3 v3 board and have just purchased the biqu H2 V2S hotend kit. now it comes with everything to set up for the wiring but i notice that the wires from the extruder drive is white plug one end but a 4 pin black connector that goes to the board, there are no instructions as to what colour is which end, so i dont want to plug it in the wrong way. The colours are Black Green Red Blue do i need to cross the 2 middle wires over ie green and red ?  which wire is nearest to the front of the board ie black or blue ? Please help id like to get back to printing asap.

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Hello, if you have any use problems, please feel free to contact our technicians by submitting a ticket. They will contact you within 24 hours on workdays. Here is the procedure and link:

Step 1: Submit a ticket from the link.
Step 2: Receive the verification code in your inbox. (To ensure that our technical support can contact you correctly.)
Step 3: Filled in some details on the ticket page, such as your order number and the problem descriptions, even screenshots.
Step 4: Submit your ticket.

Then, our technical support will check your ticket and give some solutions within 24 hours on workdays. And please look for your junk mail for a while, sometimes our replies are wrongly recognized. If you still can't get the verification email or response email, please contact us again, thanks for your patience.

Warm regards,

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Hello, please view the maunal and picture, hope that will be helpful. The white end is plugged into the extruder, and the black side is plugged into the motherboard. Blue is A, Green is B, Red is C, and Black is D. Blue and red in phase, black and green in phase.

Our technicians have specialized knowledge, and will help you sove your problem, that's the ticket meaning. And the community is a sharing place. Hope you could understand.


H2V2S Revo User Manual.pdf

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Thank you for the response.

I had figured out the phase pairing from the manual, like you pointed out, and even verified that with a multimeter, so I knew what the pairs were coming from the extruder. In my case it was a very stupid error created by a bad assumption on my part, so I will mention it here in case it will help anyone else.

I was connecting to an SKR Mini E3 V3 installed in an Ender 5 Plus. According to the motherboard schematic, the pins are labeled 2B, 1B, 1A, 2A from left to right. I assumed that the NUMBERS indicated the phase pairings, when in actuality it is the LETTERS. Once I figured that out it all worked. Probably well known to those very familiar with stepper motor wiring diagrams, but not so intuitive to a beginner. 

Hope that helps someone else somewhere...

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