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I have a Biqu B1 and installed an Ant Labs  BL Touch.  The BL Touch responds to all commands.  I set it up as best I could using YouTube videos and I map the bed.  But when I go to print, it prints about an inch above the bed.  I haven't found what seems to be a fix for this problem.  I also notice that my Marlin version doesn't have a Z offset wizard, so I used the probe offset.  I've sent a support ticket in, but they never responded to one I sent in 3 months ago about another issue.  So I'm guessing the support ticket is just a scam and only has an e-mail auto-responder to make it look like there's one.  Anyway, if anyone has encountered this issue and has a solution, I would be grateful.  If I can't get something as simple as a BL Touch working, I'm going to have to recommend our Maker group steer clear of Biqu products.  Here's what my printer has for internals/firmware:  System: Marlin bugfix_2.0.7.2x F429;  Board:  BIGTREE TECH_TFT 35_B1_V3.0;  Firmware:  TFT 35_B1_V3.0.27x Jun 9 2021;  BTT SKR V2.0

Thank you!! 

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Hello, please try again to contact our technicians by submitting a ticket. They will contact you within 24 hours on workdays. Here is the procedure and link:

Step 1: Submit a ticket from the link.
Step 2: Receive the verification code in your inbox. (To ensure that our technical support can contact you correctly.)
Step 3: Filled in some details on the ticket page, such as your order number and the problem descriptions, even screenshots.
Step 4: Submit your ticket.

Then, our technical support will check your ticket and give some solutions within 24 hours on workdays. And please look for your junk mail for a while, sometimes our replies are wrongly recognized. The ticket system is convinent for you to replace the goods, thanks for your understanding. If you still can't get the verification email or response email, please directly send an email to: service005@biqu3d.com to describe your problem. 

Warm regards,

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