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CR Touch not working on SKR E3 V3


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I changed my main board in my Ender 3 V2 to an SKR E3 V3.0. I am unable to get my CR Touch to operate the Z end stop. I have spent a week try as many ways as suggested by those that appear to have the same problem. I have tried connecting the two wires from my CR Touch to the Z stop but that does not work, If I connect the original micro switch that was fitted to the printer before I fitted the CR Touch I can simulate the Z homing. I have tried to compile Marlin firmware but probably lack sufficient knowledge to achieve that but I followed an online guide and although it compiled it made no difference. 

Can anyone tell be if the two wires, red and blue from a CR Touch should be a short circuit at the start of the Z homing process? I have tried to measure this on a meter and it continually shows open circuit.

I am very disappointed with this board and has not proved to be the 'direct replacement' as advertised.

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Don't connect the CRTouch to the end stop pins, it plugs right into the socket marked BLTOUCH. You also need to change the firmware if you haven't done that. I compiled my own firmware but if you don't want to do that BTT has the firmware to support this somewhere on their web site..

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