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Heated Bed mosfet troubleshooting SKR 1.3


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Hi guys, i bought (like one or two years ago) a skr 1.3. Never used it for lack of time ( 😞 ).

I finally manage to mount it in my stock CR-10 (very first one) with TMC2208 Marlin 2.2.1. 
Having the CR-10 already it's own external mosfet i leave the configuration as it was and start testing.
First 2 print went fine but i noticed the mosfet (external one) to be very very hot. After that it stopped working so i bought another one on Amazon(link) and test again.
First 2 minutes of bed heating and it was working fine but still overheating so i shut everything down and now i am here asking for your help.

I have the idea to install the bed directly in the bed output on the board but now i am afraid it could be causing bigger problems.
Is there any configuration i have to set on marlin or on the board for using an external mosfet for bed?

Is this a faullty board and i have to buy another one? 

Thank everyone who is going to try helping me.

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On 11/23/2022 at 4:01 PM, ilparola said:

I already opened it  on monday but no reply yet nor a ticket number or confirmation

Hello, we are sorry that you haven't received our reply. Please check your junk mail, maybe our email was wrongly recognized. And please describe your problem and directly send an email to: service001@biqu3d.com. Our technician will settle down your problem soon.

Thank you for your understanding. Feel sorry again.

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