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SKR pro new board problems


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Today’s update:
Board A - three yellow leds
no green led
6 red driver leds
It’s powered with 24vt both circuits
When I connect the EXP1 cable the screen comes on but the 3vt led dims or flashes and the red driver leds go off and on. The screen boots and then reboots time and time again… It’s as though the chip is loading but doesn’t finish and starts over and again.
The screen goes into Touch mode but doesn’t control the drivers. The Marlin mode doesn’t boot and the touch mode takes over. The green led never lights. I have tried to flash the SKR board many times without no success.

Board B: two yellow leds
one green led
no red driver leds at all
Powered by 24 vt both circuits
Only two yellow leds are on and the green led is on and none of the red leds are on.
When I plug in the black cable the screen comes on and responds to keypad but the drivers have no movement, if I plug in the grey cables the EXP1 wire gives it power and shows the Marlin mode but doesn’t respond at all… this is the board I can’t get 3 volts and don’t know if it can be saved? My guess without the 3volts it won’t flash?

Any suggestions would be appreciated…

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