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SKR e3 mini v3.0 - BLTouch inaccurate..


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I recently bought two SKR e3 mini v3.0 and tft35 to upgrade my existing Ender 3 Pro. After the switch and upgrading the firmware to the latest available that when i print i'll have issues with z-offset accuration. The printer is a standard Ender 3 with dual z-axis connected to the two Z-axis ports on the board.

When i start the printer and start "auto home" it runs normaly - at least it seems so. after starting a simple bed leveling testprint i have a lot of inaccuration with ubl activated and a freshly generated mesh. Even when i restart the printer a few times it is inaccurate. When i calibrate z-offset and store the settings in eeprom and restart the printer, do a "auto home" it isn't accurate anymore.

When i test the probe with M48 Probe Accuracy Test i have a inaccuration of 2.7mm instead of the normal 0.001-0.004mm i have on the stock ender 3 pro with the Creality board. Interesting is that some measurments are accurate then a few not. i can visible see that bltouch is having contact (as it changes color from blue to red) but z-axis are moving down instead of stopping and going back up for the next measurement. The same bltouch mounted on the creality printer with stock mainboard is accurate (<0.004mm) in M48 and homing.

I first thought it could be a wiring issue. i've tried both ways direct 5-pin dupont and the probe/z-stop pinning. the issue is the same. i also switchted the board (as i bought two) but have the same symptoms. i then tried to build my own firmware as i use it on the stock ender 3 with latest marlin bugfix-release but the issue still persist. I've also switched the bltouch 3.1 with a new one but that also didn't resolve the issue.

Any idea what could be the reason? Open for any inputs :)

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