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Question about setting up Dual Extrusion on ender 3


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HI, Im considering buying a BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V3.0, or something similar for my ender 3 pro. I would really like to add dual extrusion to it.

is it possible to set the firmware up on SKR Mini E3 to run dual extruders, with something like this hot end?

Its a 2 hotend type incase you didn't want to click the link.

If it is possible could someone please share a link or something with a good place to learn more?


Thanx Guys

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Hello, if you want to know the product recommandation, please feel free to contact our technicians by submitting a ticket. They will contact you within 24 hours on workdays. Here is the procedure and link:


Step 1: Verify your email address by checking the verification code in your inbox. (To ensure that our technical support could contact you correctly.)
Step 2: Filled in some details, such as your order number and the problem descriptions, even screenshots.
Step 3: Submit your ticket.

Then, our technical support will check your ticket and give some solutions within 24 hours on workdays. And please look for your junk mail for a while, sometimes our replies are wrongly recognized. 

Warm regards,

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