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SKR Mini E3 V2.0 firmware building.


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I bought this board so I can use my printer while I wait to get a replacement CB1 . I am attempting to build a firmware for it to run my Clone I3.   So I am going to use the example file for folgertech i3 and I have run into my first roadblock . In the first part of marlin firmware yoou have to call out the type of board your using. There used to be a file in marlin that was called boards.h and it listed all the compatible boards used with marlin. I no longer can find this file and I need to know the boards name so it works properly. I am finding loads of videos on how to install this board on Ender printers but I could not find any for doing a custom installation. I am also planing on using the sensorless homing as I do not have any endstops installed and I have a bltouch installed on it as well. so I am wondering if i need to call out that stuff as well. Any help would be awesome. thanks 

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