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Biqu H2 V2S Lite Thermistor Type


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trying to get the PID Values:

SENDING:M303 E0 S200 C8
PID Autotune start
PID Autotune failed! Temperature too high

One possible Problem might be the Thermistor Type. Manual says NTC100K. I configured Type 1 (EPCOS).

In Marlin there are about 30 different to choose. Which Type is the one delivered with the Extruder?

Thanks, Peter

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I got the PID running with the following settings:

#define BANG_MAX 125  // was 255

#define PID_FUNCTIONAL_RANGE 80  // was 10

The Qustion of the Thermistor Type is still open.

BIQU: a little bit more Information will be very helpful.

Thanks, Peter

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