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Biqu H2 Servo motor runs quite hot


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Hi I'm running the H2 direct drive extruder and all is working. Prints are printing but the servo seems quite hot. Its installed on a creality ender 5 pro with board 4.2.2. 
I'm running marlin firmware and am wondering if anyone knows if I have to modify the servo current in marlin and which section in the config I need to change if any.

1. Is it is normal to run quite hot? The creality servos were only slightly warm during use.

2. Maybe the default marlin extruder current is too high for the H2 servo?

3. What sort of current should be going through the H2 servo?

I'm familiar with making basic mods in the firmware file, then compile and copy to usb to then flash on the printer. Just would like to know what to set current to and which section in marlin.

Any possible help and advise would be appreciated.

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I also have a BiQu H2 mounted on an Ender 3 but with a SKR Mini E3 V2 Board.  Mine is also running hot.

Driver Current is at 800 and E-steps at 942.  If I lower down current to 650, only minimal extrusion at 942 e-steps. I tried increasing e-steps to 1872 with 650 current, it extrudes fine. Now which is setting is ok to use? driver current 800 @ 942 e-steps or driver current 650 @ 1872 e-steps?


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