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Manta MP4 with CB1 web interface refuses to connect


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I was able to connect to the web interface 1 time and after that it will no longer connect. I can ssh into the board and it is on my network . But I will not connect to the web interface. I have nothing else connected to the board at the moment. I tried chrome and microsoft edge and none will connect. It says it is refusing the connection. I dont know what else to try so I am here looking for help.  I do have Klipper ,moonraker and mainsail installed and i have updated them. Still no web interface. 

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So I have submitted a ticket , Actually 2 tickets because it took a week for the support team to respond to my problem.  Then it takes at least a day to get a simple response. And after a week of correspondence it is still not resolved. I would really like to get this product to work properly as it seems like a great product but so far the customer experience has been horrible.  They can't find my transaction from buying it on their store front and with out that , they cant send me a replacement. I gave them all the info I have on the transaction and I am now left here upset and unresolved....  Now to the problem. Everything is installed and updated via kiauh  . It will connect with SSH but when trying to connect to the web interface it refuses the connection.  I have completely turned off the firewall with no success. I think the issue stems from the Firmware.bin converting to the firmware.cur. The only way I can get the file to convert is to put the micro card into a adaptor ,power it on for 5 minutes and it will convert it  but the file is 0 bytes., Anyone else having issues? Are you getting anywhere with support? 

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