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H2 Extruder/hotend combo compatibility


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The advertising for the H2 V2S Lite specifically states it is compatible with Voron, VzBot, and RatRig. How is it compatible with these? Are there mounting options available? I cannot find anything and you do not offer any STLs for this. Are you claiming compatibility because I could make a model for a mount? If so this is misleading because I could design a mount to put it on a 1999 Honda Accord but it wouldn't be any use. Do you plan to support this extruder combo and offer an STL for these printer types/printhead systems?

There is an EVA 2.4 mount for the H2 but it isnt quite right and there isnt a part cooling offering compatible with the h2 v2s for this. The newest EVA 3 does not have any options for the h2 series currently and the VzBot print head doesnt have anything available for an h2 at all.


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We are sorry that this problem hasn't been solved. Please directly send an email to: service001@biqu3d.com  to describe your confusion. Our technicians has already reply to you. Please check your email box again, maybe the syetem recognize it as a spam mail. 

Feel sorry again. 

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On 9/30/2022 at 3:01 PM, boanerges57 said:

That is not a useful response as a technician hasn't helped change the advertising. This product does not have the support you claim and my BTT SKR Pico died after a week and I cant even get a response from a technician.

Don't worry dude you'll be waiting long and good before they provide a mount for voron. I spent 200 dollars almost 2 years ago when the H2 water cooled came out because they advertised also as voron compatible and even had it on a voron in the product video. That water cooled h2 to this day is just sitting and hasn't seen filament go through it because I don't know how to design on cad and they have 1 piece out on the internet of a part that's supposed to go with the mount on the voron and that's it. I've emailed plenty of times and never got more than a generic response. And what makes me mad is I was and still am a loyal customer and still buy their products but seeing they are doing the same shady stuff with false advertisement that is going to change.

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