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BTT SKR E3 MINI V3 halts in the middle of a print

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I have been having an issue with the mini where I get halfway through a print and it displays on the TFT Printer Halt: Heater Failed. At this point the printer returns to a filiment run out position and waits. The Bed is still heated but the hot end cools down. I can not restart the hotend to heat up at all. so I reboot it (losing the print) and then everything is back to normal. Hotend works again as normal.

TFT also flashed with firmware.

Printer is Creality Cr-10 S5

Firmware Marlin 2.1 bugfix is from the BTT github using the s5 examples with changes to cater for the CR Touch.

New Thermistor, New heater cartridge, microswiss direct drive extruder and all metal hotend.



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