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BTT SKR Pico not connecting to RPi via UART


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I bought an SKR Pico to replace the control board in my printer. It doesnt seem to work. I tried connecting over UART, Ive followed every guide I could find. The best I managed was getting it to connect one time and after being turned off overnight it has never been able to connect again. The RGB light also doesnt seem to light up ever and it does on the guides. I started out using stock firmware from BTT. Ive also compiled my own. Nothing seems to help. The one time it connected was with the firmware I made, but it has never worked again. I am using a good power supply and have checked my output voltage, current, and the stability of both. I have also tried a different power supply. It still doesnt work properly.

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I REALLY appreciate that no one from BTT has popped on here.


Dont try using a nanopi - they are junk - there are hardware issues that are not worth the trouble to figure out and try to work around.

There is an issue with my board (and apparently a number of others). To get mine to sync via UART I need to hold the reset button for a second and release it just before I click firmware restart in mainsail - then it will connect to the Pi. This is annoying because it means I cant put it in an enclosure unless I can maybe design one with an externally accessible reset button.

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I have now confirmed that this is how it works on:

Raspberry Pi 3B

Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi Zero W

There are issues with the implementation of UART on NanoPi Neo (and I believe all of the h3/h5 Nano Pi boards from what ive been seeing in the linux code itself and the nanopi forums. I will test it with USB soon. The NanoPi is significantly cheaper than a RaspberryPi

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. If you have any product problems, please submit a ticket in the BIQU official website, choose it from the support column. The professional techniqual personals will soon settle down your confusion. Here is the link:

Hope you have a nice day!

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