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BTT Pi v1.1 Custom build -Help needed.

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Motor Rattling, BTT Octopus with TMC 2209

Hoping someone can help, I've been testing this motherboard and have all other motors working, however this one is giving me issues.

It rattles loudly, skips direction as well

The motor: Creality 42-48 Dual Axis (Have tried other motors, and different driver, same issue)

BTT Octopus Pi, v1.1

## Y Stepper on MOTOR1 (A Motor)


step\_pin: PG0

dir\_pin: !PG1

enable\_pin: !PF15

rotation\_distance: 40

microsteps: 32

endstop\_pin: PG9

position\_min: 0

homing\_speed: 20  #Max 100

homing\_retract\_dist: 5

homing\_positive\_dir: true

\[tmc2209 stepper\_y\]

uart\_pin: PD11

interpolate: True

run\_current: 0.8

hold\_current: 0.8

sense\_resistor: 0.110

stealthchop\_threshold: 999999

Thanks in advance.

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