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SKR Mini E3 connected to 24 V power

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I have an SKR min E3 that I am using to upgrade my Voxelab Aries printer to run on Klipper. The system (BTTPi 1.2 and SKR mini E3 V3.0 are set up out of the printer using 5V power.  All work fine on 5V.

When I install the BTTPi and the SKR in the printer housing and connect to 24V (disconnecting the 5V jumper on both), the BTTPi starts up.  But the SKR red light only turns on for about a second and then the board is of.  When I disconnect the 24V power, close the 5V jumper and power the SKR via USB, the SKR starts up and connects to Klipper as expected.  Klipper runs fine, but of course I have not tried to heat anything.  Heating needs 24V. 

Any suggestions?


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