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Klipper Failing on SKR Mini e3 v3


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I'm trying to open a case on the btt website, but it's so slow the page only partially loads. I'm running into an issue installing klipper on my new SKR Mini 3 v3, and I was hoping you guys could help.

Chip is STN32G0B1.

Starting from a known, good place, I can flash this using the BTT marlin bin file just fine. Start the board with the microSD card installed. Flashing red light flashes for a bit, stops, and then starts flashing again. Pulling the microSD shows a file called FIRMWARE.CUR as expected.

I’ve tried installing klipper using both the BigTreeTech provided bin file as well as compiling my own from the klipper installation on my pi using the documentation here. (https://github.com/bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-SKR-mini-E3/tree/master/firmware/V3.0/Klipper)

For either bin file I start the board up, the flashing red light flashes, it stops flashing, and never starts flashing again. When I pull the microSD card and look at the contents, the BigTreeTech-supplied bin file is still on the card with filename firmware.bin, while a compiled version shows both FIRMWARE.CUR and firmware.bin.

There aren’t too many steps here, so I’m really not sure where things have gone wrong.

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