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Issue with flashing an SKR E3 V1

Ah Ratz

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After have read what I thought was thoroughly I downloaded a firmware to flash. It was the only file on the sd card and it was named firmware.bin. I installed the card and plugged in the power and turned it on. I was presented with a blank screen which I left while I had dinner. I went back and it was still blank. I pulled the card and did a power cycle, the screen is still blank.

  • I have a Crealty CR-20 Pro
  • SRK E3 V1 mainboard
  • BLTouch leveler
  • Filament detector.
  • was running Marlin 2.05.03

A this point I need some serious help as it appears I am in over my head. I tried to load the Marlin-Conf tool to see if I could do better but it keeps telling me to update my PIP to the version already installed. Did I mention that I may in over my head.

Anyone able to help?

Thank you


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