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SKR 3EZ how do you set motor voltage


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Depends on your voltage in.   You can either run off the same as the motherboard power, or you can run it from the additional secondary connection directly(if your machine currently runs the secondary wires, it woudl be a great idea to run off that secondary supply, and change the jumper pins.   The default runs off the motherboard power supply in.  Changing to the secondary position powers directly from the secondary power in connection.   I was confused by the manual a well, until I carefully re-read the words.  on picture shows"motherboard" supply, the second picture shows "motor" supply, and is the only difference in the two sentences.

As I understand it, the power supply is dictating what power you are using, not something you can change the voltage on with a setting.    if you had the 55xx?? series driver chip you could potentially run the secondary power supply in at 48 volts,  Any other driver the max is 24 volts.  


In my case(anycubic pro) the motherboard is 12v, and i have no secondary power "supply in" voltage for the motors, only a secondary connection for the heater power supply in.  And both are 12v.  So I left the default jumper in place.  




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