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skr 1.4 and tmc2209 v2.0 with slightly different pinout

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Hi I just bought some tmc2209 drivers which I want to use with klipper in uart mode on my skr v1.4. But I just realized that they have a slightly different pinout then the original. So I see M2A and M1B are switched which  shouldn't be an issue because I could switch that on the Motorcables I guess. But on the original driver I don't see the uart pin. On the 2.0 the uart pins replaced a PDN out. And further more the two pins on the top are missing. Because I don't want to use stallguard the right one I would have clipped aniway. But the question remains could I use these drivers. Do I need to modify them?

Screenshot 2024-03-27 121838.png

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