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SKR3 Not Flashing Firmware

Wilson Avila

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I have compiled the Marlin firmware and flash the SKR3. It did worked and I was printing fine.

I decided to make some changes after tuning the X Y Z steps, so I set the new numbers on Marlin, compiled and flash the firmware in my SKR3. The weird part is that the file turned to .CUR but the firmware was not updated in the board, the old numbers were still there.

I update the numbers through G command, and did work. So I changed again on Marlin, compiled and flash one more time. The file turned .cur, but again didn't update the data.

So, I don't know why the firmware.bin is turning to firmware.cur, but not updating the data.

The board looks working fine, I only cannot update the firmware.

Have someone had the same issue as me?

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