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M4P and CB1 don't Plug in (physically)

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Hello there,

im here because the BTT and Aliexpress support have failed me.

I got a combo M4p + cb1 for my ender 3, for my surprise I failed several attempts to install Klipper.

Then I noticed that the board and the CB1 where not 'plugued' very vell. when I press the CB1 to plug on the M4p, I have a 'click' only on one side, the other stays loose, so its pretty easy to remove one side, but not the other. The CB1 led wont even light up.

If I press the CB1, then it turns on.

Anyone know what could I do? Now, for those who have time, a story:


Long Story:

I ordered the board in november and got delivered fast, I noticed the problem and got in touch with BTT on aliexpress, at first they where helpful, when I sent a video showing that it dont stay plugged, they asked me to return. I said 'great! finally a solution', how wrong was I.

BTT didnt generate a label to return, and was indicating that they needed to pay the return, so Aliexpress indicated that I needed to go to the post office, get the price and validate with BTT. So I did, and when I told them 'ok the return cost will be 10 eros', they 'hmmm I dont know what you're talking about, talk to aliexpress'.

SO here I come, talk to aliexpress again, the support said 'Ok, you need to wait the dispute to end so we can intervein in your case, SO DONT WORRY, wait and we will talk to the seller after a few days.

december goes by, I talk to aliexpress again, they say 'sorry, the dispute time is over, there is nothing we can do now'. I tried to do this a few times to see if another person could help, but nothing.

Tried to re-contact BTT, they sair 'well, you got this since last year, we dont know what happened in this time, so we cant accept a return now'. I replied 'the board is packaged since november waiting to be sent, nothing 'happened' ".

THey told me to find someone that could identify which one of them is with problems and perhaps they might try to help.

But, im in Portugal, the only store that I know that works with 3D printers said 'I have no idea how those things work'

So now I have a LOUD 32 bits ender on my ears all day and a M4p + Cb1 in a box.

What could I do if I dont manage to use the CB1?  Could I use the M4p as replacement for the default motherboard?

Just dont want to throw away 70 euros 😕


Thx for your patience

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