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Filament stuck // BIQU B2 - Two in one out dual color


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I own a Biqu B1 since last august and am quite satisfied with it. I then wanted to upgrade for the two in one out dual color printing head, which I received yesterday. I installed it this morning, installed all the hardware and successfully updated the software.
At first, the E0 could load and unload normally, filament was coming out of the nozzle, then I went to try the E1 (unloaded the E0 filament first), loaded manually the filament and then wanted to fully load via the menu but the motors were stuck and could not load or unload. They make noise so they're trying to move but they can't. I then tried again the E0 filament, which could move freely until a point where it was stuck and could not go past that certain point, meaning that something was on its way so I unloaded it. Seeing that the E1 filament was not moving, not in the "extrude" menu or by hand, I heated the nozzle and removed it to see if that would fix the problem or if I could see something. The E1 filament is still stuck and I haven't touched anything since. I might put back the old head in the meantime.
What can i do ?
(I sent this very same text to the BIQU support email, I just wanted to also post this here in case anyone has or had the same problem)
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