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Sensorless Homing doesnt work

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Hi, my sensorless-homing isnt working.

Everytime I try to home my printer the bed and printhead just smash into the frame eventhough I set the sensitivity to the maximum and enabled sensorless-homing


When I use the G-Code Command M122: I get the followinng informations:

        X    Y    Z
Address        0    0    0
Enabled        false    false    false
Set current    800    800    800
RMS current    795    795    795
MAX current    1121    1121    1121
Run current    25/31    25/31    25/31
Hold current    12/31    12/31    12/31
CS actual    12/31    12/31    12/31
PWM scale
vsense        1=.18    1=.18    1=.18
stealthChop    true    true    true
msteps        16    16    16
interp        true    true    true
tstep        max    max    max
PWM thresh.
OT prewarn    false    false    false
 OTP        false    false    false
pwm scale sum    14    14    14
pwm scale auto    0    0    0
pwm offset auto    36    36    36
pwm grad auto    14    14    14
off time    4    4    4
blank time    24    24    24
 -end        2    2    2
 -start        1    1    1
Stallguard thrs    0    0    0
uStep count    40    40    40
DRVSTATUS    X    Y    Z
sg_result    0    0    0
Driver registers:
        X    0xC0:0C:00:00
        Y    0xC0:0C:00:00
        Z    0xC0:0C:00:00
Testing X connection... OK
Testing Y connection... OK
Testing Z connection... OK


The Stallguard Threashhold always seems to be zero eventhough I have flashed multiple firmwares onto my printer correctly with different stall sensitivities



My Hardware:

I am using TMC2209 v1.2 by BTT on an Octopus Pro V1 with the STM32F446ZET6 chip.
I have put the Jumpers on all axis in UART mode.
I have put in the DIAG jumpers for Stallguard in the X and Y Axis Pins.
My steppers-motors are all powered correctly with 24V.
My motherboard is powered correctly with 24V.
I am using a BL-Touch for homing the Z-axis.

I unplugged all the Endstops.



My Software Configuration (Marlin
I defined my Motherboard to: BOARD_BTT_OCTOPUS_PRO_V1_0.
I defined my X, Y, X and E Drivers to TMC2209:  #define X_DRIVER_TYPE  TMC2209, #define Y_DRIVER_TYPE  TMC2209, #define Z_DRIVER_TYPE  TMC2209, #define E1_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209.
I defined Sensorless Homing: #define SENSORLESS_HOMING.
For Test-purposses I set the X and Y Stall sensitivity to 255:  #define X_STALL_SENSITIVITY  255, #define Y_STALL_SENSITIVITY  255.

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