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Microprobe v2 shorting my control board


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I bought a BIQU Microprobe v2 last month to replace a budget probe that was causing me grief; interference issues and other headaches. I found the BIQU much less prone to dropping, along with improved accuracy, smaller size, and the mounting brackets were a nice touch - thank you.

HOWEVER, after it initially working for a week, it is now not working at all, and with it connected, the control board will not start. If I unplug the probe, the board starts up fine.

Backstory: While attempting to re-wire how I connect the probe, via something called the "waggster mod" (where I replace an LED lamp on the extruder with the probe), I got to a point where nothing was working. It's hard for me to say where things went wrong, but it was probably a result of me connecting the 3-pin power connect to the control board backwards.  At this point nothing would work, I just got a blinking red light, and so I assumed I just killed the control board; I bought a new control board, wired it up, and only once I connected the Microprobe did the new board not work anymore either.

So as mentioned, when I unplugged the Microprobe and connect my previous cheap probe, everything works fine, so I narrowed the issue down to the Microprobe now.

I looked at the backside of the Microprobe, hoping there might be a fuse I could replace, but I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at here. I see these two SMD components, which don't seem to have any continuity when using a multimeter, so I presume they are some form of resistor fuse that I burnt out? I have no idea though. 

Images below, with more images linked here:  https://imgur.com/a/ydPMhdi

I haven't see anyone else with this issue, and I'm wondering what my options are at this point. I'm tempted to just short those two SMDs and see what happens, or just throw out my printer and buy something new, ha. 3D printing can be super frustrating at times.

Thank you,




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