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Manta Dual Controller Boards

John Shields

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Good afternoon all,

I have a printer that I have deigned and am building. I need to power 12 motors in the system and they will all be larger motors and I plan to use TMC5160T Plus drivers.


I will have dual print heads and 1 motor on each head for X axis, 2 motors on Y axis, 4 motors on Z axis and two each on the print heads for a total of 12.


I plan to use the Manta 8P board with Klipper on the CM1 for the main board and need something to provide an additional 4 motor drivers. My thoughts are to use a Manta 4P to drive the print heads with instruction from the 8P mainboard. 


Has anyone done this before? If so what are the challenges? Which communication should I look at, USB, CANBUS, or ethernet IP? Is there a better solution that I am not seeing?


I am new to BTT products so I am not familiar with everything that is available. What are your thoughts?


Thanks for any feedback and assistance,


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