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Bambu replacement boards


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hello, getting rapidly to the point of gutting all my Bambu's and putting in alternative controller boards and running on a different slicer. Not getting satisfaction with their support. That is a shame, as I get mostly run around and even outright purposeful denial of service even of parts!!! I have a lot of different machines, and many Bambu's. Been doing this for some time. So, I am looking to bring a lot of machines online and if I can no longer rely on Bambu I need an alternative, for them and the others. Going to bring this all down into a single LAN, no more cloud crap! And most likely a form of Linux as well. looking for recommendations and discussion on these topics. I saw some recent tube excitement about a new "Manta" board recently but see there are several. Not up on new boards as I was a Kickstarter enthusiast of Bambu, which is getting very old now on how I am being dealt with. I have been out of Linux for a spell as well, so all recommendations for hardware and software setups are appreciated and looked for. No more "Handy", No more "Studio", No more Bambu cloud! Thank you!


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