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TFT35 E3 v3.0 in "configuration.h"?


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I need to update the firmware in my BTT SKR mini E3 v2.0, and I want to build my own .bin rather than use a pre-built one because I've made other changes to the machine as well that won't be reflected in a pre-built configuration.h

I downloaded configuration examples from Marlin github, and I'm using the card-specific configuration.h for the SKR mini E3.  Problem is, that configuration.h assumes a stock Ender 3 display, and I am not using the stock display, I have the BTT TFT35  E3 v3.0, and I absolutely cannot find any reference to this card in the configuration.h file for my control card.  The only thing that's "#define" in the display section is "#define CR_10_STOCKDISPLAY" in line 3028 (for Marlin  I doubt that's going to work with a graphical TFT touchscreen display.


Anybody know what this display is called in configuration.h, or is this one of those places where I'm going to have to add custom lines to config.h?


Any input greatly appreciated!

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