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Knomi Issues with Voron 2.4 Klipper - Macro G28 called recursively ERROR


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I have pasted the Knomi gcode from the BTT Github Repo which leads you to this page:




The issue is that when I select Home All or G28 X....G28 X or G28 Z. it comes up with the error attached.


I have contacted BTT Tech Support but no response.


From the help I have received from Voron Discord, it looks like it is an issue with "The knomi g28 macro only works with safe_z_home, not homing_override."

I am running sensor-less homing so it is configured differently. 


You would think there would  be You tube videos or some sort of tech support on this? Any help would be appreciated.

the other thing that is strange is that the instructions state to copy some code for special macros "INSERT THE FOLLOW MACRO DEFINITIONS" ... but there is not anything to copy and paste. Probably half finished.



KNOMI requires the addition of relevant macros for homing and leveling within the printer.cfg file. Access the print control interface by entering the Klipper IP address into your browser, locate the config Files directory containing printer.cfg, and insert the following macro definitions. Once completed, save and exit.



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First of all. No Surprise - NO COMMUNICATION BACK FROM BTT TECHNICAL.... They are absolutely the pit of the earth on responding to anything at all.

I ended up commenting out everything and it does somethings but does not show homing ALL or QGL or anything other than looking like it is taking a crap on the lawn when is printing ... plus it loses wireless connection. Really not work the money I spent. Very dissapointing.

I mean  No one even knows what the URL is that is supposed to auto load when you connect to the knomi wireless interface on the device.

Real crap support centre, I gues they just pedal their wares ... take your cash and go NEXT SUCKER PLEASE!

This one will be going on my You tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@rent2ownnz

Gets a big Fat 1 out of 10 for me. 

My Youtube review will be 

- Over priced

- Under supported = NONE AT ALL 0 your on your own buddy!

- Poorly written code

- poorly written instructions ... I mean look at the above rubbish example!


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