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DWIN LCD on Manta M8P Problems


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I am attempting to use a DWIN LCD (the one that came with my e3 v2) on a manta board, and cannot get it to boot.

I am wanting to run marlin, probably with octoprint, and have followed guides on connecting the screen to other BTT boards, such as the skr mini e3, with no avail. I have additionally attempted to figure out mapping for myself, again to no avail.

The screen turns on (ie receives power), but no marlin loading screen appears.

My SERIAL_PORT is set to 2, and baud rate set to 115200, which I assume is correct. The screen is connected to EXP1, either straight in, or using F-M Dupoint cables, as shown here (same link as above).

I have attempted various different combinations of pins, with no luck. I would appreciate any suggestions you have.


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