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EBB36 CAN 1.2 part cooling fan always on


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I've got two printers, each with an EBB36 CANbus board connected to a Manta M5P. On both I have configured the hot end heat sink fan to come on at 50c. That works on both without issue. The problem is with the parts cooling fan. On the one printer it works as expected, but the other does not. On the 'weird one' it is always on. Moving the slider to 0%, or a value lower than 100% on the mainsail GUI does not appear to make any difference at all. I am pretty sure I've configured everything correctly (since the config is largely copied from the working one), and I've double and triple checked the wiring.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? The single thing that I can think of that's different between the two printers is that the working one has an EVA based toolhead, and only has a single 5015 blower on that port. The other, weirdly behaving one is in a Voron 0.2, with 2x 3010 blower fans connected to that single port, cables spliced together (red on red, black on black, so in parallel, not in series).

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