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SKR 1.4 Heat Bed

Kenny Smirth

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I bought a brand new SKR 1.4 a few days ago and have configured it with the latest Marlin  before I could start connecting the 3d printer parts , I decided to test the heat bed and extruder powers.  Without anything connected when I turn on the Heat bed via Octorprint or Pronterface I get the error printer halted and disconnects. I tried to use a multimeter to check the power. The Extruder power works fine but the Heat bed does not give out any power. Any thoughts on what could be causing this ? Is there something I need to configure in Marlin specific to SKR 1.4 for the heatbed ? I have tried looking at configuration.h online from other folks but can't seem to find information. I have the stepper motors, end stops, temperature sensors all working fine. The only remaining item is the heat bed. The heat bed works fine on the original previous motherboard. With the heated connected or not connected the SKR 1.4 still seems to crash. Any help and guidance would be appreciated

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