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BIQU Microprobe failing to retract

Nuno Marques

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Hi all.

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I am out of options. Recently, the tech who built our RatRig exchanged the BL Touch with the BIQU Microprobe for greater accuracy. Since the beginning, we had a lot of issues but over the last few days, seems to be getting worse. From time to time, we'd start a print and the probe wouldn't retract. As a result, the pin would naturally drag on the printed part. At first, this happened mid print. So it would retract, well after probing, start the print, then the pin would gradually fall out. We noticed that the pin was unscrewing, possibly due to vibrations. We tried to tighten it in by hand, but it kept dropping down, to the point it totally unscrewed and fell out when printing a test cube. At the same time we were getting errors like "Endstop z still triggered after retract" and "Probe triggered prior to movement".

We added a bit of Loctite to the thread and the issues stopped. But after a couple of prints, although the screw no longer comes loose, the probe still throws a ton of errors, and now it mostly doesn't retract unless I "help" it a bit. I need to either nudge it a bit, or actually manually lift it after probing. And most often, my prints all fail due to errors during the levelling phase. It's almost as if the probe doesn't have enough strength to retract the probe tip back up.


Any ideas?


The attached video you can see the probe drops down, but doesn't retract. It tries, but always fails.

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