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M42 P11 S1 does not appear to turn on the relay

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Asking for advice
Switching a relay on or off via G-Gode on a:-
 Creality Ender 5 Plus 
 Bigtree Tech Octopus V1.1 STM32F446ZET6 chip
 Compile as ABM Panel : Environment STM32F446ZE_btt(512K)   Architecture : stm32f4      Re: STM32F446ZET6 chip

DIRECT_PIN_CONTROL   in Config_adv.h
//  #define Z2_DIAG_PIN                         PG11  // Z2-STOP  in pins_BTT_OCTOPUS_V1_common.h Commented out so that it doesn't conflict with M42 P11 S1 call

OctoPrint Terminal commands tried:-

M42 P11 S1
M42 M1 P11 S1

Relay used
5V Relay Module 2 Channel Arduino Raspberry Pi ESP8266 ESP32 Optocoupler ( only one channel used)
5 Volts from Bigtree Tech Octopus V1.1
Signal pin used PG11 pin on Bigtree Tech Octopus V1.1

M42 P11 S1 does not appear to turn on the relay

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Actual pin on board
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