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Ender 3 v2 Upgrade

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Hey fellow 3d printing hobbyists 😁

I've been looking to upgrade my Ender 3 v2 for some time, and after looking here and there, I stopped on BTT products which seem to be highly regarded. I selected a few things and wanted some help on figuring out if it's appropriate to buy them :

- Control Board SKR 3 EZ

- Drivers : EZ2209

- ADXL345 Accelerometer : Not sure I would buy the BTT one yet since my printer is cartesian style, and BTT's one seems to be more adapted to CoreXY printers with the 36 motor mount

- BTT Relay V1.2 Automatic Shutdown Module After Printing

-Screen : I selected a TFT35 SPI + BTT Pi V1.2 but that's where I'm kind of lost. There are a lot of screen options and I don't know what to choose. A touchscreen would be nice, I don't need it to be big either. But also, do I need a screen? I plan on using Klipper, so can the web interface be enough? And if the computer turn off, will the print stop?

Which brings me to the brain of the system : the Pi. I saw that BTT has a Pi board which is quite more affordable than an actual Raspberry... And it has dedicated features (like accelerometer port, Klipper pre-configured which is nice because I never used it, ...). Is it any good ? Should I get the BTT Pi ?

Also, for the board, I saw that BTT released the Manta which features a mounted CB1. Would it be better than an SKR 3 EZ / Pi V1.2 combo?


I know some of these questions are probably very basic stuff for a lot of you, but I'm not the best at electronics hardware, and even less with software stuff...

Thanks a lot for the help and happy printing 🙂

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