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Can't find correct files for BTT _GD_TFT35_E3_V3.0


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Hi Forum Folke,

Having issues essentially chasing my own tail around in circles...  all I'm trying to do here is update to the most recent firmware version, and install the "Round Miracle" icon theme.

BTT's provided documentation outlines the steps required to do this clearly enough, but their documentation for upgrading firmware (and documentation on GitHub) specifically states that there are THREE kinds of firmware: V3.0,  E3_V3.0,  and B1_V30, and that the firmware needs to match what's on the display... and they make no mention of the "GD" version at all.

What's on my display currently says: BigTreeTech_GD_TFT35_E3_V3.0.  While I can find files in BTT's gitgub pages that are *almost* the same (BigTree_GD_TFT35_V3.0, or same thing minus the "GD," *none* of those files follow the format that's displayed on the card, or in their own documentation.  Nowhere can I find a file that matches what's on the screen, or even one that follows their own filenaming conventions.  I can find another that says BigTree_GD_TFT35_V3.0_E3.27x.bin... which "sort of" covers all the bases, but still doesn't match what I'm told to look for.

I read *lots* of horror stories from people who have wound up using the wrong file, and ended up with a wounded/partially functional display, or no display at all.  I *really* do not want to become another one of these people... So what's going on with the disparity between what BTT says to look for, and what they provide up on GitHub?  This is really no place for guesswork!

Any directions or suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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