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SKR mini V3 + sprite extruder


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hi guys, so im having issues installing a sprite extruder from creality onto the BTT SKR mini V3


i had everything wired up correctly however when i turn on the printer, the bed and the hot end immediately begin to heat up. thats WITHOUT turning the temps up on the screen menus. they just turn on and heat up. also none of the fans are working.

i soldered a connector onto the fan + - for the board connector and tested it via a bench top power supply set to 24v as the printers are 24 volts. that was the only modification made to any of the wiring.

the firmware was configured for an ender 3 pro with creality CR touch and power loss detection disabled. it worked fine on the stock bowden hot end but i cant even get any of the fans to begin working now, and the boards less than 6 months old.


i really need some help with this one. 

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i tried a second board, hot end and bed didnt heat up on power on, but the fans wouldnt work again and blew out a component.

tried on a creality v4.2.2 board, blew that up. seems the damn sprite pro is faulty. email sent to creality demanding they replace the sprite pro and the 3 boards thier crap blew up

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